Our History

Founded in Albany, New York in 1948 by Anthony J. Schillaci, Carbonic Sales, Inc. quickly became an important service company, primarily engaged in selling CO/2 gas and the repair of soda fountains, which were in abundance in that era.  As time changed, so did Carbonic Sales.  As soda fountains faded from existence Mr. Schillaci diversified into postmix beverage dispensers and began selling syrups, along with sales and service of equipment.

In the late 50’s Carbonic Sales entered into an agreement to sell Coca Cola syrup.  In the mid 60’s the company diversified into ice machines and remote draft beer systems.  The 70’s saw more diversification into liquor dispensing systems, wine systems, and bar mixes.  The 80’s saw an acquisition plus entrance into the premix market.  In 1990 we started something totally new with the leasing of espresso/cappuccino systems.  In the 2000’s we broke into the blended beer gas business.  In the next decade we entered into the energy drink market with postmix & premix.  And, most recently, we have embarked into the custom carbonation system market.  Today Carbonic sells RC products and craft syrups and juices made locally.  Carbonic Sales has continued to operate autonomously under the same management team and with its usual high standard of customer service and quality merchandise.

Continuing its commitment to growth, Carbonic Sales has embarked on an expansion program that introduced the carbonic name and excellent reputation into new markets.  Through the years the fine employees of Carbonic Sales have contributed their skills, enthusiasm and dedication to the building of a company in which we can all be proud.  We are the participants in continuing this tradition.

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